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05/24/2022 Free web
11/01/2021 Have Your Heard?
10/20/2020 Why not just know your state laws, especially now to avoid spending much more when dealing with them!
10/06/2020 Have you seen the newest changes in the Dental Insurance world?
09/21/2020 Have Questions? We have answers!!!
09/08/2020 Happy Labor Day
08/17/2020 OMIG Audits Medicaid Claims for Patients with Medicare Advantage Plans
08/11/2020 NEW YORK STATE NEW RULES!!!!!
07/15/2020 Medicare is a big question within Dental. Lets look at some choices.
06/25/2020 If you have taken courses with Links2Success or joined us on please send us your picture of you and an eob or check from Medical Insurance
06/22/2020 Hello Everyone Looking to fill the areas of your office It Free Now. Dr. Studley Thank You
06/15/2020 Documentation is so much more then #29 MOD
06/02/2020 CMS finalizes plan to allow Medicare Advantage plans to expand telehealth benefits
05/21/2020 Take this course
05/18/2020 Don't have a team to reopen with!
05/11/2020 Billing in office for the Coronavirus real time test.
05/05/2020 The ADA Behind You and the costs we are taking on.
05/04/2020 Hello Everyone! I am sending HOPE for all and am attaching a map of the United States from the ADA
04/20/2020 Enjoy an amazing free web program by one of Links2Success's favortis Boom Cloud Jordon
04/20/2020 How might I get Medicare dental coverage for dental implants?
04/13/2020 Intgrated Medical Dental Programs
04/07/2020 Why are there audits on phone call documentation?
03/31/2020 ADA Information Regarding billing for Congenital Issues.
03/28/2020 Dentists more information on the state of Iowa and Pennsylvania regarding treatment in dental practices
03/16/2020 HOW
03/10/2020 Tina Brown Owner of Dental Practice Enhancements
02/26/2020 If you are using PreViser or if you are not look at the newest tools. This is a payable dental code.
02/25/2020 Are you missing legitimate codes from billing?
02/18/2020 Documentation skills that increase your coding
02/11/2020 “Not Your Grandmother's Medicare - What Does it Mean for Dental? Free Web Program Sponsored by NEA
02/04/2020 Documenting telephone calls at your dental practice is just as important as documenting patient visits.
01/07/2020 Happy New Year To All
01/02/2020 ATTENTION: New Medicare Card Transition Ends Next Week: Claim Reject Codes Beginning January 1
12/17/2019 Consider New Ways To Bring Your Practice Into the 21century!
12/10/2019 What the ADA is doing for you!
12/01/2019 Leadership Qualities
11/24/2019 Sign Lanquage information direct from the ADA
11/19/2019 Medical Insurance Coverage for TMJ Disorders (TMD)
11/18/2019 Documentation Tips
11/03/2019 Are you providing TMD treatment and having a hard time recieiving payment from Medical. Take a look at the law for your state!
10/27/2019 Are you ready to make the changes on your dental claim form. Below is an example of some of the changes.
10/16/2019 We are away providing our large group at the Insurance Extravaganza
10/14/2019 The Case To Merge Medical and Dental
10/08/2019 What happens when you don't document correctly? It will cost you so much more then time!!!!!!
09/25/2019 Wellness In the Dental Practice
09/17/2019 Help is on the way!!!!!
09/09/2019 Insurance Strategies = Great Compliance
09/03/2019 Part 3 Understand How to make it Happen.
09/03/2019 Do you know the changes that are happening for all dental offices in 2020?
08/27/2019 Part 2: How to obtain preauthorization
08/20/2019 A Step by Step Guide to Medical Billing
08/12/2019 Are you aware of the diabetic link?
08/05/2019 Sleep 'Apnea Billing!!!!
07/23/2019 Tips to preventing audits!!!
07/16/2019 Are you Treating & Billing Medical patients tooth infections
07/01/2019 Why use a diagnositic Code for patients who are dealing with TMD
06/24/2019 As a founding member of AAOSH I am proud to share this article regarding the oral connection.
06/12/2019 Free web on FindaCode with Brandon (Billing Medicare and Medical for Telehealth
06/10/2019 Medical Insurance Information when calculating patients payment.
06/03/2019 This is a number one request when I teach, How to get the fees for medical billing"?Getting The Real Story On A Payer's Fee Schedule!
05/06/2019 Our friends from Find A Code are explaining how to use a Medicare ABN form. If you need help join us at Las Vegas Extravaganza In October.
04/30/2019 Working with Medicare Advantage Plans Can Add a lot of income to your practice
04/22/2019 It is not about being in network its about your documentation
04/16/2019 Oral Cancer Month
04/02/2019 In the next 10 years, what is the biggest change dentistry will experience?
04/01/2019 Funny Funny Happy Aprils Fools
03/27/2019 Another Month is Ending! Have you performed any Oral Cancer Screenings?
03/19/2019 How would you bill this question?
03/11/2019 Trigger Point Injections
02/19/2019 Dealing with Insurance Denials
02/13/2019 The Tooth Cop is doing live Facebook................Be there or miss out!Friday at 12pm CST. Click HERE to go to our Facebook page and don't forget to follow us!
02/12/2019 Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome
02/11/2019 When Billing Children for Orthodontic Treatment for Sleep Apnea or TMD you must use a Modified Salzmann Index
02/04/2019 The easy way to find coverage for Medicare
01/31/2019 Its a New Year! Remember to give yourself a pat on the back!!!!! Sending Positive Energy
01/21/2019 Tip for adding additional fees when billing
01/07/2019 Medicare Changes with OSA
12/17/2018 Documentation of Written Prescriptions.
12/17/2018 Attention New Jersey and Virginia offices.
12/11/2018 Closing the Year!
12/09/2018 Documentation for Laboratory Services
12/02/2018 Learning how to use Exparel when treating patients for pain instead of pills.
11/25/2018 Dental vs. medical insurance: Where do the two diverge?
11/04/2018 Children with Sleep Apnea or TMD Issues
10/21/2018 Updates
10/09/2018 There are codes for everything. Just don't overuse them.
09/20/2018 Don't Miss our Dental Extravaganza since this is just one of the topics you will learn
09/03/2018 Are you looking into updating your coding>
08/27/2018 What should I do? If you have trained with Links2Success DentalMedicalBilling Your office will be added to our Web Site For New Patients.
08/12/2018 Denied Claims
08/06/2018 Medicare Codes for Office Visits May Be Changed. Pay Attention since all other insurance companies may try to follow thru.
07/30/2018 The ADA’s new SRBD Policy Statement includes an excellent point about dentist’s responsibility
07/15/2018 Have you joined me on to become part of the Univeristy to Success for Billers
07/09/2018 Free Oral Cancer Meeting for the first 100 sign ups. After that go to
07/08/2018 From our friends at Trojan
07/05/2018 Happy Fourth Of July!!!!!
07/03/2018 Diabetes: Dental Tips
06/18/2018 My friends at Find A Code put this together. Feel free to use when providing billing and need to let them know which part of the oral cavity you are working on.
06/11/2018 Emails from Patients
06/08/2018 The word disallow! See what the ADA has done for you
06/04/2018 Attention!!!!!!
05/27/2018 Are you training your team?
05/20/2018 What can be billed to medical?
05/14/2018 Reading Shape Magazine and What I learned
04/30/2018 Why Collaborative Treatment Works
04/24/2018 Waht a great way to find the next great team member!
04/24/2018 Many of our patients sufferer with dry mouth. What can we do to help them get paid?
04/17/2018 Proper Documentation
04/02/2018 92% of physicians say prior authorization negatively impacts patient outcomes: 5 things to know
03/26/2018 Price Transparency is Now The Law in Florida
03/18/2018 Now that I have had fours sons get married!
02/25/2018 Thanks to a great friend Duane Tinker!!!!!
02/19/2018 If you are billing Medicare Please take a look at what Emblem Health did.
02/18/2018 Have you done an in office audit? Do you know what that is?
02/11/2018 Lets Talk About Consent Forms!
01/21/2018 Co Pays The winner of calls to Links2success and Dental Medical Billing
01/07/2018 Stark Law Changes and what it means to your Dental Practice
12/27/2017 Why I keep teaching Medical Billing In the Dental Office
12/10/2017 Are you ready for 2018
12/05/2017 Are you aware of the new code for Diabetic testing?
12/05/2017 OMG! Starting your New Year with the incorrect information can be the ROI you don't want to lose!
12/03/2017 Sleep Apnea and Children
12/28/2017 Medical Billers Alert No More Billing for a consultation!!!
11/30/2017 My last meeting of the Year 1 Day at the First District New York City Contact Below
11/26/2017 How can I bill for the following services?
11/19/2017 Enhanced Benefits for Improved Oral Health', ' Your Oral Health', 
11/08/2017 Last chance ! Attend the last New York Medical Billing course with Christine
11/05/2017 Sample Letter for Insurance Fee Raises.
10/03/2017 Question "My doctor does not participate in Medicare"
09/29/2017 PreViser Introduces a CE Course For Dental Professionals
09/29/2017 Greater Access to Dental Care Now Available Through Teledental Services
09/26/2017 The people who hire coaches are the champs of the world.
09/19/2017 Have you set up a system for communication with medical providers?
09/11/2017 Take advantage of a great course.
09/10/2017 Training for Medical Billing On Line
08/23/2017 Should I add an associate?
08/23/2017 Will Delta Dental remove you from its network? 
08/22/2017 Should I add an associate?
08/15/2017 Increase Pay-up by Successfully Appealing Claim Denials
08/14/2017 Looking to hire, join Doccupations for free!!!!!
08/08/2017 Dual Coverage as explained by Delta Dental
08/01/2017 Transparency and fees
07/30/2017 The Bigger you are the harder you fall!
07/16/2017 A simple set of steps to use for compliance when gathering patient information. Make sure you document these steps!
07/09/2017 Learning the rules of appeals
07/06/2017 New Topic of the week from a member of Links2Success Newsletter
07/04/2017 Don't forget to use this discount code.
06/23/2017 Update your office to Oral Medicine
06/19/2017 Collect more cash from patients
06/07/2017 Are you looking to hire? The best way to do that is read this advertisement
06/04/2017 Speaking Their Language: Why Coding Matters for Dental Offices Billing Medical Insurance
05/31/2017 CT scans are frequently ordered by doctors to look for and follow a variety of diseases "Even Medicare"
05/22/2017 Doccupations is a new online algorithmic dental job matching service that will change the way dentists search for jobs. For a limited time, we are offering you a free one-year job seeker membership!
05/16/2017 Great Article From our Friends at Find a Code
05/09/2017 Where do We Fall Short With the Oral-Systemic Connection?
05/02/2017 Dentists! Defend yourself against medical malpractice suits with proper notes and documentation
04/26/2017 Deadline
04/25/2017 Ask yourself “Why am I still smoking” then why am “I not educating my patients of the risks they take every day.” Is it because I still smoke, or am I not involved with health and wellness as a provider?
04/19/2017 HIPAA Settlements Spiked 280% in 2016
04/18/2017 A Home Care Plan
04/10/2017 Medical Necessity: An Ill-Defined Term
04/05/2017 Blow Bubbles to Save a Life. Go to Register your office!!!! I did!!!!
03/27/2017 Are you sending follow up letters to your patients?
03/12/2017 Are you trying to get a raise from insurance? Keep reading
03/10/2017 Don't miss this web program! Duane Tinker is amazing.
03/08/2017 Collections The How, Why, and Important Rules
03/05/2017 If you are getting denied treatment because of timely filling keep reading!
02/27/2017 Bisphosphonate Therapy for Osteoporosis and Oral Complications
02/19/2017 Follow up to the use of medications
02/15/2017 Treating Patients with Anxiety and Mental Disorders
02/14/2017 Compliance Program - What are the Requirements to Implement an Effective Program
02/05/2017   Our routines convince us that we are doing something productive. It’s the big lie we tell ourselves. Routines can actually be destructive, and this is why…
01/15/2017 FDA Bans Gloves January 18th
01/11/2017 You Probably Aren’t Ready for This…
01/09/2017 informed consent for treatment
01/08/2017 Tighten Up Your Documentation for Coding E/M Based on Time  
01/04/2017 Our friends from Find a Code Made this so simple to follow!!!!
12/19/2016 Santa
12/17/2016 A Gift For You
12/16/2016 Billing for Glucose, blood, reagent strip
12/12/2016 Oral DNA Labs Program
12/04/2016 Doing Botox? Or trigger point injections?
11/30/2016 Compliance and Enforcement
11/28/2016 Sometimes Mediare Can Pay
11/27/2016 Happy Thanksgiving. In case you receive calls Monday for after the feast
11/20/2016 New York Doctors Take Notice
11/13/2016 Tracking Preauthorization Response Compliance
11/06/2016 Collections for your Dental Medical Payments
10/30/2016 Increase Pay-up by Successfully Appealing Claim Denials
10/24/2016 New State Law Requires Facilities Performing CT to be Accredited
10/24/2016 2 Day Seminar Billing Medical in Your Dental Practic
10/22/2016 Benefit Disclosure and Appeals Regarding Misquoted Benefits
10/22/2016 Have you taken one of the cross coding courses?
10/16/2016 Medicare Coverage of a CT Scan (Computerized Axial Tomography)
10/15/2016 News on the State Of Insurance
10/09/2016 Did you receive a payment from an insurance company you do not participate that did not pay in full?
10/02/2016 'Dental Office Screening is The Future'
10/02/2016 Business Associates Agreement
09/28/2016 Follow up on New Dental Code list sent out last week.
09/27/2016 Update your dental codes & be ready for 2017
09/20/2016 Speaking Their Language: Why Coding Matters for Dental Offices Billing Medical Insurance
09/18/2016 Has your team learned how to tell a story? Do they know how to have the patient tell them a story?
09/12/2016 Contact Christine or Duane for a Risk Assessment of your coding and billing
09/11/2016 Don't leave money on the table!!!!!!!!
09/09/2016 Speaking Their Language: Why Coding Matters for Dental Offices Billing Medical Insurance
09/08/2016 Discount Cod for 3DU Meeting to all my clients
09/06/2016 Adjustments and Appeals – What’s the Difference?
09/01/2016 Happy End Of Summer! Wish it were not so!
08/28/2016 Is It Illegal to Waive Co-pays?
08/22/2016 CariFree has posted a new item... a free web program with dr Kutsch "Don't Miss"
08/14/2016 Why knowing your State Laws Can Increase Profit
08/10/2016 Are we able to earn more in the next year?
07/25/2016 Attention! All practices are you aware of the law in your state? This is for New York
07/20/2016 ICD-10 Coding: Decide From Two Options When Reporting Diagnosis of Xerostomia
07/18/2016 CT SCAN
07/11/2016 Why we are we important?
07/10/2016 Attention New Jersey
07/08/2016 Sit Up and Read!!!!!
07/06/2016 Legal Issues "Your offices can be fined"
06/29/2016 Emmott On Technology " OCR issues warning on third-party apps
06/28/2016 Not being able to present I-9 forms could have big repercussions for your practice.
06/23/2016 Updated Medicare Information from Duane Tinker
06/23/2016 Medicare "If you have not done anything" continue to read
06/19/2016 Using an unspecified diagnostic code
06/09/2016 How do you spell anxiety? F41.9 with ICD Codes
05/25/2016 Aetna and Sleep Apnea Blling
05/24/2016 The number one question I receive, "Is it legal to bill medical"?
05/17/2016 Weekly Team Meeting
05/15/2016 Sleep Apnea Alert!!!!!!!
05/10/2016 Refusal of Treatment
05/03/2016 Trigger Point Injections can be used, but follow the guidelines.
04/26/2016 pancreatic cancer and oral health
04/05/2016 Medical Conditions Damaging to the Teeth Part 1
03/15/2016 Medical Costs Reduced for Diabetics Receiving Periodontal Therapy
03/06/2016 Are you using visual effects?
03/01/2016 Let your patient tell you!
03/01/2016 Let your patient tell you!
02/24/2016 How to recommend treatment for children after you provide a risk assessment! Go to Cari Blog
02/01/2016 Why we are at the frontline of medicine.
01/26/2016 Changing Times can add thousands to your practice.
01/26/2016 Medical History
01/23/2016 Top Billing Question
01/18/2016 2-Day Hands Dental Medical Billing Training in New York!
01/11/2016 A Patient-Friendly Strategy that Increases Case Acceptance
01/11/2016 A Patient-Friendly Strategy that Increases Case Acceptance
01/09/2016 Billing Tip
01/05/2016 Are you using these skills in your hygiene department
12/30/2015 Happy New Year!!!! Save the Date
12/29/2015 Happy New Year!!!!
12/19/2015 Wellness or Not
12/15/2015 Should I ???
12/09/2015 When Scaling you are able to use Foreign Body
11/28/2015 Doctors in New Jersey Get Signed Up
11/21/2015 We are a sick nation! Lets all commit to helping every patient get healthy
11/18/2015 Are you using a soft tissue laser????
11/14/2015 Smoking
11/14/2015 Smoking
11/12/2015 Oral Cancer
11/09/2015 Five Tips To Increase Hygiene
11/01/2015 Dental Billing Questions Answered By Judith Shrub
10/18/2015 Varnish For All
10/14/2015 HIPPA Checklist
10/14/2015 ICD-10 is Coming Oct. 1, 2015 Are You Ready? Take This Webinar!
10/10/2015 Telephone Skills
10/02/2015 2-Day Hands Dental Medical Billing Training in Las Vegas!
09/26/2015 Attention Sleep Doctors!
09/21/2015 Coordination of benefits
09/14/2015 TMJ Disorders? Watch Coverage Criteria
09/13/2015 Why dentistry is great.
09/12/2015 New Treatment In Your Dental Office! Even Delta In NJ will be working with offices to try this!
09/09/2015 Dental Practice Management Articles Turning your Accounts Receivable into Accounts Received
09/02/2015 Embedded Insurance Information
08/31/2015 Increasing Referrals from Physicians – Where Can You Start?
08/24/2015 Sedation Billing
08/12/2015 Join this webinar for free contact Tamara Sandusky at her number below
08/10/2015 A thought
07/26/2015 A Medicare Funny
07/18/2015 The Big Issue Retaining your patients and keeping them happy!!!
07/11/2015 Reading this can save you thousands of dollars
07/05/2015 Thinking like an oral physician makes $ense
06/29/2015 Medical Billing Code
06/22/2015 Update On Billing Implants To Medical
06/10/2015 What to do About Medicare? Important Informative Webinar Coming Up
06/02/2015 OMG! Medicare informtion written up in Dr. Bicuspid
05/24/2015 Get your E Book Today
05/16/2015 Billing Tip
05/06/2015 What is being said about our newest book!!!!!!
05/03/2015 Billling
04/05/2015 ERISA Reform Bill Reintroduced
04/02/2015 An Invitation For My Clients (A Free Course)
03/25/2015 What to do About Medicare? Important Informative Webinar Coming Up
03/21/2015 April is Oral Hygiene Month. Make A Difference in Your Patients Life!
03/17/2015 Join us for a free Web Program Sponsored by ICat Congress and Dental Product Report
03/14/2015 Compliance has been hurting practices across the country. Please make sure you are ready for them
03/09/2015 Information you need to submit to Medicare to fill out your RX and Referring Doctors
03/01/2015 Assistant changes to the law
02/14/2015 How risk assessments initiate cooperative response to oral-systemic disease
02/14/2015 Hand on Dental t Medical Cross Code Billing-Last Chance to Sign UP
02/09/2015 Hand on Dental t Medical Cross Code Billing
01/30/2015 Hand on Dental t Medical Cross Code Billing
01/24/2015 Links2Success will be bringing newsletters and free web programs to all of you this year. With so many changes please stay tuned!
01/18/2015 Hand on Dental t Medical Cross Code Billing
01/17/2015 Why you should sign up for the free compliance web progra.
01/17/2015 Why you should sign up for the free compliance web progra.
01/12/2015 Join Links For a Free Web Program Compliance
01/05/2015 A New Year
12/29/2014 Oral Cancer
12/23/2014 Happy Holidays!
12/13/2014 Tele-Dentistry Are you ready for this change?
12/09/2014 BE THE BEST DENTAL BOSS EVER.....Linda Miles Invites YOU
12/08/2014 Affordable Care Act Changes
12/06/2014 LINKS2SUCCESS Business Associates and What To Do If They Refuse To Sign the BAA
12/01/2014 Working Together!!!~
11/22/2014 Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/2014 Happy Thanksgiving
11/03/2014 Ebola and Dentistry
11/02/2014 Why not sign up with an Incentive? You have to sign up anyway.
10/21/2014 OMG!!!!! This will be the start of many audits.
10/16/2014 What is the world is going on!!!!!
10/12/2014 Dental Think Tank
10/01/2014 Halloween
09/23/2014 End Of Year Benefits
09/23/2014 The American Dental Association's (ADA) Health Policy Institute (HPI)
09/07/2014 Are you in or out?
09/07/2014 End Of Summer Special
09/07/2014 Embezzlement
08/16/2014 Can you answer these questions?
08/16/2014 Writing a prescription for your patients!!!!
08/15/2014 Writing a prescription for your patients!!!!
08/05/2014 Who is in charge of the schedule in your practice?
07/27/2014 Dental practice audits
07/26/2014 Links2Success Needs Your Help
07/07/2014 The 3 most common battles within the dental practice ... and how to overcome them
07/05/2014 What its all about!!!!!
06/30/2014 California Doctors Please Read!!!!!!!
06/29/2014 Attention!!!! More Information About Medical Benefits In Dentistry
06/28/2014 Legal and Practical Issues of Billing and Collection Practices
06/19/2014 Information Needed When you Call Medical Insurance
06/11/2014 Why are we not addressing this in our offices?
06/09/2014 How to Be the Face Of Wellness
06/08/2014 Refusal of Treatment
06/02/2014 Medicine is a Team Sport
05/26/2014 Postponing Dental Care May Be Fatal
05/26/2014 Postponing Dental Care May Be Fatal
05/26/2014 Postponing Dental Care May Be Fatal
05/19/2014 The role of dental and medical professionals
05/14/2014 The role of dental and medical professionals
05/11/2014 The Top Five Reasons for the Top Five Unexpected Denials
04/30/2014 Dental office growth
04/28/2014 Education for Your Team
04/28/2014 Education for Your Team
04/26/2014 Why Use Cholrhexidine
04/20/2014 When Benefits Are Denied--Sample Letter
04/10/2014 Christine Taxin New Book is Now Available for Purchase!
04/08/2014 Are you located in a sales state
04/01/2014 April Deadline For New Medical Claim Form
04/01/2014 Billing Tip
03/31/2014 News Flash. ICD 10 is delayed for another year!!!!!!
03/24/2014 As of 2013 List of States that can Charge for Non-Covered Services
02/27/2014 Diagnosis In Dentistry
02/25/2014 Writing A Note
02/23/2014 Build Up
02/17/2014 OMG More About Insurance
01/29/2014 Delegation
01/29/2014 Delegation
01/16/2014 Medicare in Dentistry
12/28/2013 End Of Year Tip
12/16/2013 Why are patients need us! Make sure you have contacted their dental insurance for the additional benefits Diabetic Patients can receive. If not contact their medical insurance for coverage.
11/26/2013 Happy Thanksgiving
11/18/2013 Sending Post Cards To Your Patients
10/18/2013 Billing Tip
10/16/2013 End
10/03/2013 billing tip
10/03/2013 billing tip
09/15/2013 2014 New Friday, October 4.2013 12pm easter, 11am central 10am mountaiin 9 am pacificDental Codes Web Program
09/15/2013 HIPPA
08/28/2013 John Lennon " Cloning a Beatle"
08/28/2013 er medicare medicaid
08/22/2013 Hygiene Morning Huddle Questions
07/26/2013 Neglecting Your Follow-Up Calls
07/21/2013 Weekly Team Meeting
07/17/2013 fee web program everyone should take advantage of for Perio Protect.
06/08/2013 Insurance Tips