I know you are thinking what is this about.  Well, speaking is stressful, working as a guide for all the offices we have worked with, putting a wedding on for all four of my sons has been the hardest job ever.  Just getting thru them allows me to focus more on how stressed team and doctors can be when adding a new type of program, new skills, changes how we have practiced has really given me pause on how I can help you get thru that.

Now that I have calmed down after all the wedding plans, snow storms in between, and work, I have quite few new ideas.

Training does not have to be all consuming and completed in one day.

Knowledge is power, so when making changes you do not have to accomplish it at 100% the first time.

Be gentle on yourself!   Talk with the team and keep them calm!  

Don't expect what you cannot accomplish if you were doing it.

Know that everyone on the team at Links2Success is available to help you thru the process.

Join dentalmedicalbilling.com and join in the Q&A

Download some of the free information.

Book a time with me to talk over your choices.

Finally sign up for one of the two day meetings (see list on www.links2success.biz

Finally, get a neck rub down, since it takes care of the stress.

Have a glass of wine, and give me a call.  

Be kind to yourself.


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