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Dear ____________,


Can you believe October is upon us already? As this year draws to a close, we would like to remind you to use up your remaining dental benefits, before they expire at the close of the year. Most insurance plans are bound to a twelve month cycle, which means that come January 1st the money invested in your annual deductable will disappear, as will your dental benefits.


Now is the best time to complete unfinished treatments, and schedule procedures you have been considering. Money invested in your deductible over the course of the year can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses, as long as you use it before January 1st. If it has been six months or more since your last visit, you may even be eligible for a fully paid dental checkup or cleaning.


In November and December our calendars fill up quickly, so it is best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Call today and our insurance specialist will be happy to go over your remaining benefits and how you can best utilize them.


If you have questions about your plan, or would like recommendations for dental treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at _______________.


Thanks and hope to see you soon,




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Christine Taxin
36 Abington Avenue
Ardsley New York 10502
United States of America