Insurance Is Always Changing

Changes to a patient's insurance company can happen at any time. For the most part, those changes take place at the beginning of the year. If you are having trouble finding your patient's new insurance, call Trojan's Client Service Department. Calls to help you find a plan are at no cost to you. If a change, or update, needs to be researched, the Service Representative will take the necessary information to complete the research.

The Client Service Department is dedicated to providing the most current and accurate benefit information possible while maintaining a high level of service. To provide you with the benefits you need in a timely manner, we ask you to provide us with the following information when requesting benefits on your patients:
* Subscriber's name, social security or id number, and date of birth.
* Subscriber's employer name, address, and phone number.
* Insurance company name, location, and phone number.
* Patient name and date of birth.

The best way to maximize use of Trojan services:
1. Start 7 days out. One week before your patient's scheduled appointment, verify that the benefits are available in your Trojan system. If you need assistance, contact Trojan.

2. When requesting benefits, give us a specific date and time so we can return the benefits accordingly.
Insurance companies will experience large increases in the number of calls they receive because of these changes, which, of course, will affect all of us who regularly call for benefit information. The Client Service Department will continue to work diligently during busy times to provide the excellent customer service you deserve.

Contact Jodie at 800-451-9723  extension 6046  Let her know I told you she is able to help you keep up with different insurance plans.   

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