This course is the beginning of change. Understanding that patients have additional benefits under their dental plans will provide you with the changes taking place in the world of billing.
Professionally your team members will be pushed and stretched as you develop your new system. They will require advanced training in some areas. Anticipate they will meet the challenge with excitement. Their knowledge can and should be used to educate others in the field. Encourage them to seek out opportunities to speak and write about their experience.
There is nothing better than knowing you have the full trust and confidence of your patients. When you and your team begin to carry out the vision of a dental wellness center your patients will know it and trust you. They will feel your concern for their overall health, and that will build confidence and trust in your relationship
While upfront there may be expenses to bring in new technology and expand the professional capacities of team members, you will experience ROI monetarily and otherwise with your increased capacity. Connecting a patient’s oral health to their overall health will increase treatment acceptance (often due to the capability to bill medical & dental billing.) generate quality referrals from physicians, and add a sizeable amount of new products to the schedule every month.
Becoming a dental wellness center will set you apart from your competition. For people seeking comprehensive care, your office will fit the bill. Your network of referrals will expand as you make connections with physicians and other healthcare providers.

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