So what are ICD 10 codes?  What has been your definition so far when asked about how they are different? What does an ICD-10 code look like? How does an ICD-10 code work? 

Have you seen commercials about medical coding schools and wonder if the profession is right for you? With the field expected to grow faster than other occupations, now is the time to consider a future in medical coding.

There is a national shortage of certified medical coders in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. Qualified medical coders can even choose to work their own hours from home. Add computer skills, and there are plenty of high paying opportunities for those willing to hit the books.

Links2Success will be opening an on line school, so you can learn the ins and outs of medical billing within the dental field.  There are others who are teaching, however, our records have shown that hundreds of students have done our training and let us know the success stories.  We will keep you in the loop for all changes, hold your hand on our platform and help you put together your first fee claims.


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