Each day your hygienist should be going over the patients coming in and reviewing their history.  Many offices do not bill for a new patient visit again or bill for a perio exam.  Review last hygiene visit, if it is more than 3-5 years billing a new patient D0150 or a perio exam D0180 is the best way to bill.  It will give you a higher fee, and allow your hygienist and doctor to bill for what they are doing.

Morning Huddle Questions

  1. Who has pockets depths of 4mm or more
  2. Who has bleeding
  3. Did they have any treatment done in the last two years
  4. Are they on perio maintenance and still need some additional treatment
  5. Do they have any new medical conditions


Hygienist should go over the week with front so when confirming takes place they can pre-frame call to include what treatment will be taking place.

Let them know that their appointment will be a little longer due to the new updates we have learned and that we do not want to surprise them before they are treated.

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