State Advocacy Updates
The Government Relations Workgroup (GRW) continues to monitor developing issues in the states, with the primary focus currently being on dental network leasing bills in New Jersey and Virginia.
In New Jersey, after months of negotiations, the Senate sponsor of the network leasing bill has proposed alternative language that would create an “all in/all out” leasing structure. Under this plan, a provider would have a choice of being included in all of a carrier’s leasing arrangements or none. The bill draft would also create transparency regulations for dental plans which mirror existing regulations for medical plans. The GRW is currently reviewing the language to provide feedback to the Senator’s office.

In Virginia, the state dental association plans to introduce a bill for the 2019 session that would enact a number of regulations on dental network leasing. Most notably, the bill would require a contracting entity to notify all affected providers for each new lease and would allow providers 30 days from the date of that notice to opt out. GRW members are reviewing the bill and providing comments in anticipation of mounting an advocacy effort. NADP is interviewing lobby firms to lead advocacy efforts in Virginia on this measure.

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