Advanced Dental

If you are participating with insurance how many times do you need to contact them about your fees? ___________

When billing on insurance claim bill __________________________Fee.

If you are receiving more from insurance then was billed out what should you do? _________________

If a patient has a negative balance who should receive that money? _____________________________

Do you know what each insurance pays for a service before you book the case? ___________________

How can you produce the dollars needed to pay the bills? _____________________________________

How many hours do you work per day, week, month, and year? ____________________________________

How many hours do your other clinical providers work per day, week, month, and year? _________________

Can you produce the dollars you want if you don’t know how much it costs for each operatory to run? _______________________________________________________________________________

Are you running your practice with a system that provides you with the amount of time it takes when the patient arrives, is seated, finished, and dismissed? Time is ________________________________!

What systems do you use today_________________________________________________________?

Do you have samples of treatment written up with the fee’s that would be paid by your insurance companies for hygiene appointments? _________________________________________________


NP Visit (what code are you using) D0150, D0160, D0180, D0120 _________________________?

What x-rays are you providing and why? ________________________

Are you taking intra oral pictures? _____________________________

Are you billing for D4910 or D0110? ____________________________

Charting? __________________________________________________

What are you charging for an emergency visit? _____________________

Are you waiting for insurance to pay an emergency visit? ________________________________

What is the best treatment for doctor to provide in an insurance practice? ______________________________

Are you providing D1350 preventive resin restoration in a moderate to high caries risk patient – permanent tooth when patient is seen in hygiene instead of rebooking?_________________

What about any other procedures are you doing when patient are in hygiene? ______________

What products are you selling in hygiene and office? ________________________________

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