I am excited to announce my new book will be out in print the end of this month.  

This is a small sample of what will be in the book.  Dental and Medical  Codes with Diagnostic Codes to match the treatment.

Many offices have begun to use  new technology that provides 3-D or 2-D images of a patient that are generated from a CT-like scan. How do we code this?

Several procedure codes (e.g., D0364-D0368) are available to document "cone beam CT..." diagnostic images taken in the dentist's office. There are separate codes based on the field of view. For example, an initial scan that yields coronal, sagittal, and panoramic views would be documented with: D0367 - Cone beam CT capture and interpretation with field of view of both jaws, with or without cranium. The entire "cone beam..." nomenclature must be read to determine which describes the diagnostic image.

12. When we reconstruct images on certain date, I understand we only report it once for all of the 2-D images, and once for all 3-D images. If we have to reconstruct a new image or view from existing data at a different date, perhaps for another dentist, do we report the data capture and reconstructions again?

The appropriate image reconstruction code should be reported. Since the data capture has already been reported it would not be appropriate to report it again.

13. Can I submit a periodic evaluation (D0120) on the same day as a full mouth debridement to enable comprehensive periodontal evaluation and diagnosis (D4355)?

There is nothing in the descriptors of the oral evaluation code or D4355 that preclude reporting on the same day. Some benefit plans have limitations or exclusions about paying for both of these procedures on the same day.

14. Is a caries susceptibility test (D0425) the same as a caries detectability test?

No, they are different procedures. A caries susceptibility test is a diagnostic test for determining a patient's propensity for caries. There is no procedure code for a caries detectability test, which aids in determining the presence of caries. "D0999 unspecified diagnostic procedure, by report," may be used to report a caries detectability test.

15. Can I submit a code for pulp vitality tests or is this considered to be included in all endodontic procedures?

Yes, you may submit this as a separate code (D0460) as it is a stand-alone code. It includes multiple teeth and contra lateral comparison(s), as indicated.

16. When is it appropriate to report a consultation versus an evaluation procedure?

Typically, a consultation (D9310) is reported when one dentist refers a patient to another dentist for an opinion or advice on a particular problem encountered by the patient.

17. Our office recently purchased a VelScope and was wondering if there was a procedure code available?

Procedure codes contained in the CDT manual are not product or brand-name specific. Devices such as the VelScope may be used in the delivery of procedures such as "D0431 adjunctive pre-diagnostic test that aids in detection of mucosal abnormalities including premalignant and malignant lesions, not to include cytology or biopsy procedures."

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