What is the primary goal of introducing any of the specialty services into your practice?


If you answered increase production and collections, you should learn the best way to provide the best treatment and the best way to get paid. Statistics show that patients that have benefits to contribute to their treatment accept treatment at a higher rate.  Almost 42% higher!

Looking ahead in the next 2 years, how likely are you to:

General services:

Do you perform biopsies in office?  

Do you refer patients out for biopsies, CT scans or other specialty services?

Do you write prescriptions for your patients?

Do you pay for advertising?

Do you want to keep the patients you have happy? Our tips will do all of the above to help you retain and bring in more patients to your office.

Most of the offices that have utilized our services have increased with Medical Billing in the first year over $40,000.00. By the fifth year, they are collecting $400,000.00

If you would like to receive an office to call in regards to their success, please let us know.

Are you strictly a fee-for-service provider in your general dental practice?


Specialty Services:
CT scans

Do you have an ICAT and want to learn the tricks to billing? Or are you planning to add an ICAT?

Are you using a Mobil ICAT to take your patients films?  Do you want to learn the rules of billing?

Are you an accredited facility?

Would you like to add the service for others to use your facility?


Dental Sleep Medicine/obstructive sleep apnea


Do you plan on Introducing evaluation of diagnosed patients with obstructive sleep apnea (not perform the function of ordering a polysomnogram (sleep study) into the practice?


Introduce treating patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for treatment with oral appliance therapy?


If you are already treating OSA:

Do you plan on taking ABDSM boards and need qualifying cases submission?






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