Working with teams across the country have so many in common issues.  We may think its just our office but ask any speaker or consultant and we will share that is not true. We have one major issue that I am addressing today and that is leadership.  If your doctor is not the type to hold leadership as one of the most important positions then the team should have one who will.  They can report their findings to the doctor.  Most companies do not have a leader who works daily with the team, they have point persons and that works.

For example:  If I work with a team who will be converting and integrating wellness and medical billing their is always one person who we work with daily if needed.  Since they are learning also we work with them to work side by side with the team helping them become the best they can with the new information.   Links2Success follows the following and it has worked, prevents stress, while working their normal day and adding new information.

First, invest the time. Pay attention to more than just results. Connect with people at all levels in your organization every day. Learn their names and their passions. Learn what gets in their way of cooperative teamwork and top performance. Act to reduce those frustrations.

Second, get the data. Don’t just monitor performance metrics – monitor data that indicates how happy employees are working in your organization. You have some reliable data, like turnover, exit interviews, service levels, and more. You may need to measure other satisfaction metrics, like the degree of trust, the frequency of proactive problem solving, etc.

Third, evaluate the progress of employee engagement, service, and results. As you embrace proactive relationship management, pay close attention to my “big three” – engagement, service, and results. If you’re not seeing upticks in these after four weeks, do what Tamara does. Refine your approaches, then monitor the impact. Keep those practices that help.

I post the effective approaches of great bosses daily on my social media platforms. These quotes generate frequent shares as well as frequent comments. And, a number of those comments are not complimentary of respondent’s current bosses! People boldly state, “My boss doesn’t do this – I wish he did!” and “I’ve never had a boss that did this! I don’t believe great bosses actually exist!”

To be an effective, inspiring leader today requires a variety of approaches – no one “size” fits every colleague or team member. Don’t miss the opportunity boost employee engagement, service, and results by focusing on positive relationships daily.

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