This year we saw an increase in compliance fines within the dental world.  Be prepared and keep making sure you are staying compliant.


You Probably Aren’t Ready for This…

Do you know what you don’t know about how to protect your patients, team members, and practice? How do you ensure your family’s financial security? Do you have all the tools you need to ensure the security of your lifestyle?

Many dentists have investment bankers to help them protect their assets and accumulate wealth. Truly savvy dentists understand that liability control and compliance are essential tools to protect their investments and ensure their long-term professional success. For them it is a no-brainer – keep people off your back or from breathing down your neck, enjoy less stress and greater success!

When a dentist’s office is found in violation of the law (contract/ civil or criminal) it can result in simple fines from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, loss of licensure even loss of freedom. Any of these can be a real threat to the dentist’s lifestyle and financial security.

It is foolish not to invest in compliance and risk management systems to minimize your chances of getting busted for doing something wrong, especially if you are a good person who is committed to doing good and being well.

In this tumultuous economic environment, it is certain that your practice will be audited by third-party payors. It is their job to catch your (or your team members’) slip-ups. As the captain of the ship, you (and possibly your team members) will be held accountable for any failures, which include inadequate documentation and billing practices; failure to create, train on and enforce written policies and procedures regarding OSHA, HIPAA the Affordable Care Act and other lesser-known rules and laws.

*** Duane Tinker ***
Chief Compliance Coach & Consultant 
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