Strategies for Successful Communication

When thinking about a doctor and oral physician interactions within your practice, consider the following questions related to communication strategies:

Are your team members give feedback that is constructive and specific to follow up with fellow referrals?

Is the method of communication tailored to, and appropriate for, explaining the type of collaboration you will be communicating. (example: why an oral physician must communicate with the OBGYN during all and any treatment required?)

Are all communications respectful and courteous?

Do doctors make an effort to ensure that their instructions are clear and that patients physician fully understand requests?

Are team members included in practice discussions about how to better assess, coordinate, and provide care? Are they encouraged to provide input and suggestions?

Have you set up a system and receive asked them to provide feedback on the practice’s communication processes?

Ask yourself if you have a system set up.  I know that even the referral system within most dental practices are not followed within the law of compliance.  Keeping great records, and knowing that most physicians may not want to get on the phone, however, your team can get the medical history, and any list of medications as long as your patient signs a form allowing you to communicate.  They will see your name and why you are asking and will begin to understand you are amazing.  the referral will come to you.

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