Dear Trapped by Routine,

Change is never easy. That’s why so many of us don’t want to do it. And I’m not necessarily talking about bad habits.

There are “distracting” habits that you may think are helpful, yet in reality, they keep you from living the rich and rewarding life enjoyed by others.

But advances have been made in breaking free from the routines and habits that are sabotaging so many people today.

Routines are commonplace tasks, chores, and duties that we believe must be done regularly or at specific intervals. Human nature compels us to do what’s convenient and comfortable rather than what’s good for us in the long run. We tend to do what we like and what feels good. We believe that our current routines work. That’s why we have a tendency to do what we have always done.

Yet it’s important to realize that we are now actively involved in routines and habits that didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

The onset of technology has prompted people to think, act, and decide differently.
We take a vast amount of information, most of it unnecessarily, each and every day. Services like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other internet services literally steal our time and attention. And what do we get out of it?

Often, damaged relationships and poor job performance.

Our “modern technology” keeps us locked into more unproductive routines than we’ve ever experienced before. This creates a “now” mentality that has compromised the richness we could, and should, be experiencing in our everyday lives.

You are living the life you created because of the past decisions you have made… your marriage, your career, your relationships, your finances, and your health are all based on decisions that you have made and actions that you have taken previously.

For many, admitting that they are not a victim of the world around them but rather a victim of their own poor habits is a tough pill to swallow.

It comes down to this: if you continue to do the same things you have always done, it’s not that hard to predict with utmost precision where you will be a year from now.

If you do nothing to change, nothing will change.
If you know in your heart you are falling into the “routine” trap, as I mentioned before, it’s important that you come to terms with the fact that it is impacting every facet of your life: your career, your relationships (even on-the-job relationships), your income, and your health.

If you are not happy with the life you have, it’s up to you to choose whether you change things or not. Most people do eventually realize this, but the temptation is to think it’s simply too hard to change. Yet the ugly truth is the longer you wait, the more difficulties you will experience in your life.

Your future is a clean slate waiting for you to start anew every single day.  Come and join Links2Success so change can happen.  Don't wait, start today.

Christine Taxin
36 Abington Avenue
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