What is a copay?
A fixed amount you pay for a covered healthcare service.

What is a coinsurance?
The percentage of cost you pay for a covered healthcare service. For example, if the service charge is $1,000 and you have a 10% coinsurance, you will owe a $100 coinsurance payment.

What is a deductible?
The amount you pay before your health plan starts to pay some of the cost. For example, if you have a $2,000 deductible plan, you are responsible for paying the first $2,000. Not all services will require you to pay the deductible first.

What is a maximum out-of-pocket?
The most you have to pay for certain covered services in a plan year. After you spend this amount, your health plan pays 100% for those covered services. Not all payments count towards the total, and some services might still require you to pay a portion.

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