Well, it’s official. The FDA finally banned them and they must officially be out of circulation and out of your office this month.

If you’re still using powdered gloves in your practice then you are on the Food and Drug Administration’s naughty list, and you are putting your and your patients’ health at serious risk.

The FDA has determined that when it comes to powdered gloves the risk to you and your patients far outweighs the rewards.  With cost effective alternatives on the market that don’t threaten your health, why risk it? These risks include, but are not limited to, airway inflammation, wound inflammation, and post-surgical adhesions.

The ban, first proposed in March 2016, was made final in late December and goes into full effect on January 18th. The ban includes powdered surgeon’s gloves, patient exam gloves and the absorbable powder used for lubricating gloves.

Unlike other government agencies, the Food and Drug Administration is typically less zealous in the flexing of its regulatory muscle, and this ban is only the second medical device ever banned by the FDA in its 110-year history.

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