Why wait until end of  October, send out your letters by the alphabet and track them.  You will have better response and know who to call by the end of October if they did not respond to letter.  Keep your book filled until New Years, and save work that is not covered to book January Up now!!!!!!

Dental Benefits Are Expiring!

Every year people simply forget to use their dental benefits, and they are lost forever. Those patients and dollars should be coming to your practice! This is the time to capitalize on this opportunity. Remind potential new patients that their dental benefits will expire soon; especially for practices filing insurance for 50% or more of their current patient base.


 With only three and a half months of recommended mailing dates left in the year, we need to get started now, so we can reach each home in your target market area. Give your practice a boost of new patients with an "End-of-Year/Use it or Lose it" message!

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