Suppose your insurer won’t pay for a healthcare service, or pays less than you had expected. You have the right to “appeal,” or ask for your case to be formally reconsidered.
Before you file an appeal, talk to your insurer and find out why payment was denied. It might have been a simple mistake, like a coding error. But, the payment may have been denied for some other reason—for instance, because your insurer did not find the treatment medically necessary. In that case, you can appeal.
There are several ways to get instructions on the appeals process. You can call your plan, visit your insurer’s website or read your plan documents or Explanation of Benefits (EOB). You have more than one chance to get your decision reviewed. In most cases, there are three levels of appeals:
• An internal review by your insurer.
• A second-level appeal to the insurer if the first is denied. That appeal will be reviewed by people who weren’t involved in the first appeal.
• If that appeal is denied, a third-level appeal, to an independent outside organization.
Avoid a claim denial by making sure you have the facts about your coverage. Before getting treatment, ask:
• Is it covered? Check your plan documents or call your insurer.
• Do you need preauthorization, or your plan’s approval before you get care? If so, make sure you get it before you visit the provider. Keep a record of the approval number and any supporting documents.
• Are there any limits? For instance, you may only get 12 physical therapy visits each year. If you need more, claims for those extra visits may be denied.
If a claim is denied:
• Talk to your insurer first to make sure the denial was not a simple error.
• File your appeal within the plan’s deadline. Make sure your appeal form or letter is complete and includes any required supporting documents. Your doctor may be able to help.
Keep a record of all communications with your plan. That includes any documents and notes on when you called, to whom you spoke and what was said.

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