Telephone the Link to Your Patients

They are the face of your business.  They educate your patients and are responsible for getting them enthused and excited to become a patient in “Health and Wellness”  Without the person who smiles and is excited about your office the team and the type of treatment you believe in you will have a hard transitioning into the future of Health and Wellness.  The amount of education needed is very important.  It is no longer the front desk, they are you!

They must be able to help solve problems, be excited, and love talking to your patients and most of all love the practice.  When the patient asks about insurance (which is very important to them) learn to let them know you will help them maximize all of their benefits for treatment.  Both dental and medical.  Remind them that their health is our biggest concern, and that the entire team has taken post graduate studies on the connection of the oral cavity and their entire body.  Ask, “What is the most important consideration when choosing a doctor.”  Listen to what they say, write that down.  If they have any issues we need to be able to address that first, not a NP exam.  Their reason for coming is one of the most important things we need to know.  If we do what we want then we are not giving them personalized service. 


We should listen more, ask the important questions, and in between let them know how great doctor is.  How amazing the team is and that they called the best office for their care.

This person must be able to prioritize calls, in order to give the best service to each call.

  1. New Patients   Should get all their attention, other calls except for a referring doctor should be called back.  Everything else needs to be put on hold since they are the lifeblood of the practice. Research shows that the longer you are on the phone with a new patient the higher the acceptance of treatment.  

Each office should use a clue to the entire team that you are on the phone with a new patient so there attention is not interrupted.  Some offices use a colored form, or if computerized have a sign the put up. Do not put them on hold, or do anything with patients in office.

When you are ready to end the call let them know you are excited and would like permission to send confirmation, and meet them on their first appointment.  If you need forms back from them such as medical history, medications, their medical doctor information ask for permission to remind them to bring.  If they are an emergency we need to have all that information so we can contact their medical provider before they come in, and check with them on the collaborative treatment.

Let them know that you value referrals and would love to know who to thank for them.  End all calls with a big Thank You and that we are known for our care and personalized treatment.

Give them an experience.  Smile be happy and that the team will be excited to meet them.  We can all feel a person when they are happy.


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