Collaborative practices is a process involving a commitment to interact on a professional level, thereby empowering participants to blend their health care services within his or hers scoop of practice.  What a concept!  We are already working with specialists for years but we limited ourselves to only the dental community of specialists.  I say its time to spread your wings and move to the 21st century of health care.

Many of my doctors have been truly amazing and have moved into an efficiency of care that is outstanding.

Let me give you a few examples.

1. Setting up a dental chair within the 24 hour walk in centers across our country.  They are able to have a patient referred to them, provide emergency care and then refer patient to office for full treatment.

2. Having a dietician work in their office to help patients understand that if they are unable to function with chewing and swallowing we can help them thru the process of implant surgery while we are keeping them healthy thru the ordeal.

3. Having a specialist in their area work directly with your team.  For example having a hygienist work with pregnant women who need treatment to keep them and their unborn child healthy thru the process.


We know that this is a reduction in cost of care, with preventive treatments and collaboration everyone is a winner. The patients stay healthy, the insurance companies save money, the medical providers have a doctor to work with and you will be able to refer to them also.

But best of all, patients who are referred to your team will bring with them a higher understanding of the value of your services.  No more will they think dentistry is optional.

Christine Taxin
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