In todays Newsletter I am reminding you all of a few items.

1. call all patients with a incomplete treatment plan and get them in before end of year for both dental and medical.  Most have used the medical deductible and have little left on their dental.

2. start to audit your insurance companies.  Make sure you are writing off towards an in network insurance so you can judge want you want to do for next year.  Are you producing $100,000.00 and writing off $50,000.00

3. run a production by provider report and look at what each provider is using for codes.  Make sure they are using all your dental codes to maximize collections.  Example: how many prophy codes, gingivitis codes, irrigation codes.

Don't end your year without knowing how you want to start your New Year.  Get ready for changes and make sure you can produce more for the New Year without adding more patients per day.

If you need help in doing this treatment planning let us know.

If you have started Medical please do the same as above.

Happy Hunting.

Christine Taxin
36 Abington Avenue
Ardsley New York 10502
United States of America