The fi elds of dentistry and medicine have traditionally
been worlds apart. But in light of the growing evidence
pointing to links between oral and whole body health, this
separation of disciplines is slowly beginning to change.
Of course, one of the most important differences between
periodontal disease and other systemic conditions is that the
former has a known cause and is quite treatable. Dental professionals
should never lose sight of the fact that they are addressing
a disease that signifi cantly contributes to disability and a
lack of well-being in the population. This fact alone makes it
important to treat this condition, regardless of whether it might
contribute to other serious illnesses. And although no one
should overstate the oral-systemic link, proffers Robert Genco,
a professor of oral medicine and microbiology at the University
at Buffalo, no one should underestimate what can happen
if it’s ignored, either. While the mouth’s relationship to the rest
of the body will certainly be a matter of public health, of patient
awareness and of the changing roles among caregivers, it will
fi rst and foremost be a matter of science.
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