West Monroe is a research company that works with dental and medical plans.  They have been surveying the heads of 

Dental Plans to ask if the standalone plans are still strong or is the wind blowing in a new direction.

For two years they have continued to monitor the same head and in 2018 they survey showed everyone had a wake up call 

regarding the limitations of dental plans and their comments were all the same.  Many are seeing a decrease in paying for 

a plan that is not allowing patients to pay for the oral connections to systemic issues..  This year the research has

moved fast with health plans aggressively moving to bundle dental coverage.  The two industries are on the

verge of convergence moving fast to upend the stand alone dental plans.

“as evidence increases and overall health and oral health are interconnected the stronger the shift

toward value-based dentistry grows.  Consumers will find increasing value in visiting the dental

office leading to higher volumes of visits’  west Monroe

So, my question to you is are you just going to wait until more patients come in with

medical cards that include dental before you learn all about the changes?




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