Most dentists still believe they are not in the Medical Field!  That is not the case today.  All of us need to learn and keep up with changes.  If you answer anyone of the following questions you should be attending our Las Vegas Insurance Extravaganza.

Dental carriers now require that any service that COULD be payable by any medical carrier, including Medicare; be submitted to the medical insurance first. Dental offices

who have NEVER had to consider billing medical insurance are faced with the prospect of either being able to bill medical (correctly) or telling their patients that they have to pay for the entire treatment that is not covered. 

For example:  Are you billing for bone grafts?    If you say yes then you need to learn how.

Have you been notified on the changes for the dental claim form which matches a lot of the medical claim form? If you say yes, well join us.

If you have received a letter asking for money back from an insurance company then joining us in Las Vegas is the answer!

If you want to update your dental fees, or want to sign a contract with an dental plan, then you must join us in Las Vegas.  

I really can go on, however take a look at the speakers and I know for sure you will be joining us.

Last years attendees were so impressed they are coming back.  There is no better review then that.  We are all so proud to have been a positive on the practices that attended.  But laws change and if you don't know them you are out of the loop.

If your hygiene department has not taken a course on the changes they need to make for 2020 then  joining us with Janet Press for a two day hygiene course is necessary not if you want but because you need to learn the stages that will be used. will have all the speakers the list of courses and if you use the discount code 2NDINS you will receive a great reduction.



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