Sleep Apnea appliances are one of the best reimbursement sources for your dental office! Approximately 43 million Americans suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and unfortunately, over 85% of those people do not know they have it! The Oral Physician is the only approved physician to provide Sleep Apnea Appliances to these patients. However, since Oral Physicians cannot diagnose Sleep Apnea, many shy away from doing appliances. Why? Because they do not have a referring doctor to gain a diagnosed study. We are happy to tell you that we have the solution! Dental 2 Medical is now set up with board certified interpreters nationwide to provide you with a diagnosed sleep study! Your patients will be sent a home sleep test and the results, including data interpretations and therapy recommendations, will be provided to you quickly thereafter. Most major medical plans cover the home sleep test and if the patient does not have insurance, there are easy alternative payment options. The billing of the home sleep test is at no additional cost to you and is not subject to your service agreement cost with Dental 2 Medical!

There is nothing to lose and much to gain, so let's get started on this today! To get started, simply respond to this email so that we can get your NPI set up.

We appreciate you and look forward to helping you grow in this specialty of dental medical billing!

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