Opening emails for me can cause me mental pain.  Why?  Because I get asked for help directly from patients who have the need for dental treatment and have no way to pay for it.  They ask me if I can bill their medical plans. I cannot do it legally, the doctor who is doing the work has an NPI number that would be needed on the claim form and I as a Third Party cannot use it.  So I ask everyone in our wonderful field to help me help your patients. 

How?  Come to a course and learn or refer the doctors to have their medical billing done by our company

With the help of the doctor and the input from his notes we can help.

Here is one patients note to me.

I am a 66 year old cancer patient who has pain in my all my teeth, gums bleeding and was sent to a dentist to help me.  He told me he could remove the teeth place implants and dentures.  He would help with the bleeding.  The bill is over $55,000.00 and I do not have that kind of money.  Can you bill to my Medical for me, please!  I cannot eat or drink without pain.

This is painful to me so I offered to do her claim but I need to have a contract with the dental practice.  Guess what they never called!

How will your office handle this type of issue?


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