As a trainer my job has been to help find the best tools for an office to use.  When I started to work with PreViser many moons ago I knew this was a great tool. I give all my clients a code to set up in there offices and now have great news.

PreViser is starting to give a CE course to all who want to learn the values of Risk Assessment and what and how this can help your team understand the need for treatment planning medical needs.

What you will learn:

The value of risk assessment in dental practice and the value that objective digital risk and severity scores bring to clinical decision making and patient engagement.  

How aggregated oral health data is analyzed to identify public oral health issues

The use of digital risk assessment to plan patient centric treatment and influence change in behaviors that improve oral health outcomes

current dental insurance utility of digital risk assessment tools

Join Colgate Oral Health Network to participate Live: November 1, 2017 at 8-9pm


then sign up for the course using: -of-digital-risk-assessment-for-patient-centric-care/

or call 1-888-854-0007 and mention links2success for help 

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