Hopefully, your turkey is not in a fighting mood on Thanksgiving Day. But if there are some fowl looking for revenge....

  • W61.42 Struck by turkey
  • W71.43 Pecked by turkey
  • W61.49 Other Contact with turkey
  • A70 Chlamydia psittaci infections (Infection is a possibility)

The primary activity is cooking:

  • Y93.G3 Activity, cooking and baking
  • G56.03 Carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral upper limbs (There are a lot of potatoes to mash and if you don't have a good mixer....)
  • X15.3 Burn from a saucepan or skillet
  • X15.0 Burn from a stove

And eating isn't as safe as you might think:

  • R63.2 Polyphagia (Overeating)
  • A02.0 Salmonella enteritis
  • A04.5 Campylobacter enteritis
  • E70.5 Disorders of tryptophan metabolism
  • R46.4 Slowness and poor responsiveness
  • R14.2 (Eructation)

And sometimes family dinner isn't as joyous as we think it should be:

  • Z63.1 (Problems in relationship with in-laws)
  • W27.4XXA (Contact with kitchen utensil, initial encounter)


After all that cooking, cleaning and traveling over the river and through the woods, exhaustion is a possibility (T73.3XXA).


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