Valantines Day was amazing.  I worked at the First District Society with an amazing group of doctors and their teams.  Cool  We had so much fun!  Everyone was engaged and helped each other with insurance tips, patient stories (Ha you know how that go's) and everyone wanted to know what this year will look like.

We spoke about many issues that have come up so I am going to list them with the answers for all to share.  Remember it was a day of love and love means share!!!!!

1. Most insurance plans have changed the % they are paying.  So pay close attention to this.  We have very little covered at 100% so most of our preventive services that once were are no longer.

2. X-Rays are no longer considered preventive.  Last year the code description was changed from film to diagnostic, so expect changes in the fees.

3. The affordable care act has made many changes in Pediatric, (age 26 if your children are still under your plan) I wish I was able to be a child until 26years old.) Always a day late. Or coverage for children up to the age of 19 and are still under the parents plan.

4. Delta Dental has started a campain to bring children into the dental office at age 1.  

4 United Healthcare Dental will be covering children whose parents have United Healthcare Medical.  The dependents of those will automatically receive a UHC level of dental coverage thru their medical policy that can be used at the PPO level.

5. Orthodontia is only going to be covered under the medical if there is a medical necessity and not cosmetic.  Please visit the web site for specifics when you see any children that are covered because of the New Law to make sure you know which beneftis are covered.  One of my collegues has told me that what the patient thought was covered at 100% was not.  So please check.


Contact either Karla or Christine for any additional information.


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