In 2014, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the median dental salary was $149,540, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Here are four key notes:

1. Dentists in the 75th percentile made $187,119, on average.

2. For dentists in the 25th percentile, their average salary was $108,360.

3. Dentists earned significantly more than dental assistants in 2014 ($36,260).

4. Dentists earned more than pharmacists with a median salary of $118,470 in 2014.


What this means is you need to recognize that the percentile you bill within does mean a lot.  Also knowing your salaries and how each team member is helping you earn the fees you want to collect does make a difference.  Contact us to establish your zip code for the New Year.  We will help you provide the fees you should be at and work with you on an overhead and budget for the New Year

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