The  key to top dental case acceptance is not just what you say, but how you say it.  And in some cases, just having the courage to say it at all!


Consider your dental clinical exam verbal skills.  When was the last time a patient said to you as you got started, “Don’t find anything doc.”

No one likes to hear bad news.  And most of us don’t like to be the bearer of bad news.  So, many times, what needs to be said is never said.

So here is a solution to just one aspect of the dental clinical exam verbal skills dilemma.  When it comes to your oral cancer exam, what do you say, or do you say anything at all?  Many dentists don’t because no one wants to talk about the “C” word, Cancer.

Make sure to tell your patients what you are about to do: the oral cancer exam.  In fact, you might even share with them that oral cancer is more prevelent than more widely recognized cancers like melanoma or cervical cancer.  That’s why it is important that they have an oral cancer exam done every year.  Then at the conclusion of the exam you can ask:  “Has anyone ever done that for you before?”

In most cases, they will say “No.”

Just by asking that one question, “Has anyone ever done that for you before?” you have raised their awareness of what is going on and helped them recognize the value that you offer in your practice.

“Has anyone ever done this for you before?”  It is just one more way to enhance your dental verbal skills and dental case acceptance.





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