It is the time of year we want to connect with our patients.  I have a special that I want to share with all the practices I work with.  

123 Postcards has pioneered one of the most comprehensive direct mail marketing tracking and monitoring systems in the industry. Every mailing includes a unique, local call-tracking number that rings seamlessly into your office. Not only is each call recorded, but it is also scored, graded, and analyzed so that you and your staff know the exact results of every mailing. They can track the number of patients who called, the names of the patients, the offer they responded to, which part of town they called from, and staff performance on the telephone call. 

I certainly feel comfortable recommending the folks at 123 Postcards for your consideration.

888-211-5127 office
435-657-3737 fax

Christine Taxin
36 Abington Avenue
Ardsley New York 10502
United States of America