Dear Christine,

Have you been hearing all about HIPAA lately? And who can forget the buzz about Infection Control issues? But I'm not hearing much talk about one of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in the medical field- Drug Diversion.

Drug Diversion is the legal speak for using and/or abusing drugs via your prescriptive writing authority. This refers to patients, employees, and practitioners. I saw plenty of drug diversion cases in my years as a Tooth Cop for the State Dental Board.

I want to take some time to review with you the basic rules and regulations regarding drug diversion in the Dental practices. You have several agencies looking at this issue including your local law enforcement and District Attorney. That coupled with the issue of drug addiction issues that go hand in hand with drug diversion, you have a complicated situation.

I wrote a ton of information on the DEA on my website. Read up or go and book mark it for some stimulating nighttime reading!
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I appreciate what you do and look forward to speaking with you.

Duane Tinker
Chief Compliance Consultant
Dental Compliance Specialists
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