ADA/NADP share views on educating front office staff

The front office staff at a dental practice is often on the front line. They’re communicating with patients, educating them on their benefits and helping them understand all of their options. These integral tasks make it important for dental office staff to be informed on what they’re telling patients.

IMAGE: Dr. Smiley
Dr. Smiley: “CDBP maintains an ongoing dialogue with third-party payers.”


This topic relaunches a series of ADA News articles about the dental benefits industry’s Top 10 concerns submitted to the ADA about dental claims processing. Articles have been periodically published since 2006 examining the Top 10 dental claims concerns that dentists reported.

The series was developed in response to the Council on Dental Benefit Programs’ discussions with the National Association of Dental Plans and the payer industry to facilitate communication and help reduce common claims problems for members and patients. NADP member companies represent around 90 percent of the estimated 166 million Americans covered by dental benefit plans.

“To address the concerns voiced by members, CDBP maintains an ongoing dialogue with third-party payers,” said Dr. Chris Smiley, CDBP chair. “In order to build better understanding, we are pleased to provide a forum for benefit carriers to share their top concerns with dental offices and our ADA response. We hope you will find this series helpful in resolving difficulties you may have with the claims submission and adjudication process.”

The articles will include perspectives from ADA members, NADP members and CDBP. Future topics include prompt resolution of patient complaints, how fees for services are developed, diagnostic codes, recommending treatment outside of dental benefits plans and supplying enough dentists to meet demand.

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