Well, as we all know, dealing with dental insurance hard, and we want to help you not receive as many.

Take intra oral pictures for bleeding, crowns, and any other items that can show a medical necessity. They are looking for a reason that they should consider paying a claim.  In the medical world we must use diagnostic codes, in dental we end up waiting for them to deny before we bother to either write a letter or fight.  If you start with the understanding of need you will be more successful.

We shouldn't have to prove that we are doing the right thing, but we live in a world where we do when dealing with insurance companies, whose main job is to NOT pay claims. Narratives are telling an insurance company the why patients need this treatment.  However, don't just document that they need a crown, look at their medical history and try to let them know that this patient had radiation treatment which weakened the tooth structure, or is taking medication which dry's out the oral cavity.  Start to have doctor document why x-rays were needed, and the outcome of them.  We must prove all of the treatment as a medical necessity.  Let me have your brain for a week, and we can change the way you think before you bill.


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