Leadership requires Delegation!

Why do we need to delegate in order to have a successful pratice?  How do we provide this without our team members feeling like they are being dumped on or asked to do more than they feel is part of their job description?

How do you delegate?  Delegateing tasks would be and is the best way to expand the services you can render within your practice.  When our team is training an office the job roles are set up, however every member of the team has the ability to add functions according to the additional training the office recieves.

Adding Wellness and advanced billing will change everyones role, its not about delegating more to one team member, it is about changing the existing roles to match the needs of your practice.

Delegation is a sign of strong leadership.  Your ability to lead increases the training of your team, the ability to provide more to your patients all within a smooth new system.

When you make the desision to increase skllls have a meeting with your team first, allow them to interact with you on the new job roles that are necessary to add daily, and input a system that will work for you.  

Every office has a different amount of team, patients, and skills so there are no set systems, but the system that works for you.

Links2Success customizes your systems, allow everyone on the need for delegation and the responsibility and authority to add or change how it works for your office.  Team meeting are the only answer you have to provide a seamless change.  The biggest key is to change the existing job roles so each team member understands who is responsible for the funtions needed, and how and if they need more training.

Woody Oakes DDS has said there are four reasons to delegate:

1. If someone can do the job cheaper than you delegate  (example: xrays taken by assisstant not hygieninst)

2. If someone can do the job faster than you (maintaining the same quality) delegate  (example: some assistants make better temps then doctors)

3. If someone can do the job better than you delegate (add a providere that can do surgical extraxtions) time is money

4. If someone likes doing a certain job better than you  delegate (if you have a team member who loves billing, why are we asking her to do any other job)


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